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I am an enthusiastic 26 year old hailing from Chennai, India. My friends and people who know me call me Mani. I received my Master of Science Diploma from Technical University, Eindhoven in Electrical Engineering in 2017. Though I love different branches of engineering, I planned to major in Electronics where my dream lies. Moore’s law changed the way we looked at packaging transistors on a chip. The size and properties of a chip has changed so much in the recent years which has led way to lot of new technological giants creating ultra small sensors and chips leading to smaller and less priced products.

I have a great interest for photography which I do in my free time. Photography is something that requires a keen eye and helps me to free my mind. Apart from photography, I also like to spend my time reading books, writing blogs. I believe they bring a little bit of creativity in everyday things that we do and brings a bit of fun to boring things that we do in a day.  This website is a digital portfolio of things I do.