Howdy Folks!

meMe Myself Manigandan Siva – feeling its a long name? well its the name my parents gave me ,but you can call me MG or Mani if you like , these are the names my friends call me, guess its the easy to say 🙂

I am from the City of Chennai , India presently located at Eindhoven, Netherlands!!

I am a lively and enthusiastic ape :)I am currently pursuing my Masters in Broadband and Telecommunications Engineering @ Technical University, Eindhoven, I have great interest towards Optical Communication and the new sense Photonics (that’s right most people doesn’t know about it, but I do :p)

I love Photography, that’s what I do when I feel low, and trust me am an emotional person so I go low sometimes too :)I believe in Fighting – NO NO not the fights you see, I am more than useless in real fights, I don’t give up so easily in anything which I do!SPORTS and GAMES – Cricket is my passion and you could have any arguement with me in Cricket and I bet you will succumb to me in this!! I am not a GAMER but love to play games!!

I have worked in two different organizations , prior to my master’s study.

Active in all the social media that you say – Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, whatsapp, Research Gate :)I am a blogger so better be careful when commenting about me (not only the journalist’s pen has power, even my fingers have)I love Technology, reading about them, developing them 🙂 Gadget Freak, Automobile Freak, Environmental Freak 🙂

BLA BLA BLA!! have a look at my Profile to know more about this Lively Ape.