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Heyya ppl!! I am Manigandan completed my Engineering in  Electronics and Communication. I did my schooling in AV. Meiyappan Matriculation school. Cut the crap abt my education. For so many days i have been doing nothing and didnt develop any real knowledge. Soon like in cinemas, i had finally found my interest. Yes am now a amateur Photographer, I am not like doing a particular type of Photography i just click whichever i feel is beautiful. Well apart frm Photography i love writing Stories and to talk critics of Movies. I love watching a lot of movie, and now i am much into live cinemas. Cinema teaches everything and it is very important in choosing the right genre of Movie, because what i personally feel is our mind takes thing which is presented Visually and not from the books. I am not saying that books are inferior than movies, books are also equally inspiring and as the proverb goes” One is judged by what kind of book he/she reads “, but movies are much more appealing than books.

Bike riding is something that gives me much pleasure. I have a Pulsar 180 which i bought during my third year, and you wont believe i even took a short film on getting a bike, though very amateur bt it has good message. Talking abt bikes and car fills my day. Racing in bikes( strictly not on the track and reckless one’s) on the roads you know is the best thing about driving. When u race a bike and look back, the joy that you get out of it is enormous. You know it feels like ” I AM THE KING”.

Oki about the Blogs, i have been reading  a lot of blogs and i write a lot of crap things in my facebook page and i think that craps needed to be written in some blog so that i can extend it and feel good, and facebook pages are seen by everyone and many wont be interested in reading ur crap. So thats the reason of writing my Blog. I ll come up with some interesting thing and make my blog good.

Manigandan Siva.


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