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Life as we know it becomes beautiful when there is some one special in life which completes your day just by a sms. The term special i refer to is the person who cares for you all time and stand with you during your Plus and Minus’s. I have a very special friend to whom i tell almost everything in life, however small the matter is she listens to it with patience and never had felt Hiyooo why this crap is like this. I have the freedom of telling whatever i feel like to her and gets her opinion in things. You know there is always someone who rights you from the beggining, yeah i am talking about our parents, they tell us their opinion and we take it blindly,this can happen till the age of 15. , after that wen we listen to our parents, we see them as advice and hit back at them(Oh Come on Dad not again). This is the time when you know special person comes into play, whatever they talk we just listen to and follow them blindly though our parents also tell the same things. Parents are always special but am not going to talk about parents here which i save for some other day.
                     It is this time i found my special person who is gem of a human being, it happened so naturally that no special bonds binded us . This isn’t like it necessary has to be her but i developed my friendship without having anything in mind, without assuming things. No body knows in the beggining what kind of person you are. I was a person with no special talents in me and wasnt much interested about it. I take life as it comes and didnt thought of anything. Now idu daan Mani ooda talent nu solra maari something is with me and i had this very special moments in life and i can define to some extent who Mani is. All this happened only after meeting her. Life became beautiful and happy till everything between us go smooth. This person can be anyone whom you believe so much and have the feeling that he/she will sort out our issues and think good for us.
                   But when things go the other way after some time, there comes the problem, it was like a Piece missing in a Puzzle, a pizza losing its core ingredient, missing card in a Card set, Key missing in a car. Life will be perfect but you lose the charm. Its very important to water your flower daily , so never lose the missing piece in your life for simple reason.

Everything happens as u think, Life is beautiful when seen Simple




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