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Its a Beautiful Dawn, around 4 am the time, just immediately after the rain had stopped when the climate is just so adorable i take my bike and off to a beautiful place which i call the heaven. The Fresh dew drops at the tree, the wet roads and dogs just stretching its body to go for a small walk around the place and i sit in a bench which is located perfectly between two big banyan trees. I take my notebook outside and try to draw a beautiful picture of the atmosphere around me, i sharpen my pencils and look around me. I am in the middle of this forest with just me and a dog seen far away and the nature. I take my chart paper and keep it atop of a small board which i have brought, So all set for a gud drawing.
        I started my planning first before i put the pencil on the chart. I had planned for drawing tree on either side of the chart paper, with three birds a top of one of the tree and on the other tree two beautiful Parrotlet romancing and beneath the tree in a small rose plant a bee sitting at the fresh rose. So at a far end of the tree a river flowing silently without disturbing the birds and the bee and the sun trying to come out between the mountains at the end of river. I began my drawing and in the middle of it a small cuckoo bird came near me and disturbed my concentration. But it dragged my attention and i started listening to it. Soon in a few seconds a group of cuckoo’s had come and they started singing so beautifully that i kept my pencil down and started listening to that song. Their song was so beautiful that i talked with one of the bird and it’s face was like “Oh come on your after all hearing the most beautiful voice on earth” .
    Something at that moment came to my mind, does this song that special than my girl’s voice. I replied to that cuckoo, my girl’s voice is much more beautiful than your’s and esp when she talks in the middle of her sleep. Bird’s face was like ” Oh man I want to hear her voice” and so I called my girl and put my phone on loudspeaker. After 7 rings
 She: “Hello Darling, whats up this early morning?” and
 I : ” Hello Sweety, sorry for calling you this early ” and
 She: ” oh comeon now you are making me feel sick after that sorry “.
 I : ” I came out to enjoy this atmosphere and i want to share the beautiful things with you”
 She : ” Oh my man, but cant you tell me this after sometime coz i just slept few hours before, am sorry”.
I : ” See now your making me feel bad, no sorries and i called you to show these cuckoos here that my girl’s voice is more beautiful than your’s, they have heard your voice so you can go to bed now.”
She: ” Crazy Fellow, Luv ya !! Careful honey and Bye”

Now those birds felt little shy and came to me and said ” Your love to her has brought down my Complex and with a pride it said ” oki my voice is second best in the world now and gave my a HI-5 and started singing again.

with those pleasant music, i completed my drawing in a hour and started home enjoying the nature and leaving the nature un disturbed.



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