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Its Sunday, and the time 4 01 AM, i missed my alarm and all of a sudden somehow i managed to get up from the bed. This day i was waiting for a week as we have planned for a photo walk to Kovalam Beach and near by place in chennai, as i already said one thing which i am passionate of is Photography. After a daily work sunday is the onli day wer i can think of sleeping a bit, but as known “If we need Something, we need to Sacrifice something “. I got up early and had a quick bath and got ready by 4 25 to go to my friend’s place at time ( For the first time i wanted to go early) as if we missed few minutes its gonna cost us heavy. Our plan was to be there at the beach hours before the sun rise as we want some beautiful photos of the dawn.

                     After taking those we were waiting for the beautiful red ball to rise, yes the sun rise. I have been to beach before many times to catch the sun rise but never has got there on time as either i ll be late or my friends would be. The sun rise that day was one of the most beautiful thing, we were sitting with our cameras and the there comes the Big red ball from the very bottom of the sea, the sun rise wasnt that slow. I saw the sun coming out of the sea bed and i adjusted my setting to capture it and locked the frame, by the time i did all this the sun has risen some few metres above. That was so quick and apart from 4 of us they were still 4 more photographers who were all very professional having big freaking things. Haven capture the sunset our next agenda of the day was to have breakfast at some place. But before going there, there was a old man who was sitting in a Kattumaram smoking his beedi, we asked him if he could pose for us. Then he started giving some beautiful pictures which came brilliantly well. The man was a perfect model he dint shake a bit and his expression were just amazing, smoking his beedi for a long time. After taking the picture the man asked for some money. That’s when i thought “OMG so for giving pose should we need to pay some money to him?”
Y this? The first obvious answers that came to my mind was POVERTY, and the famous Sujatha dialouge” Rich gets Richer Poor gets Poorer” idu daan namma naatula nadukuthu. Lots of difference between us, whenever we see people who dont have money, the first thing they ask us is Money? This thing is like imprinted on their mind and what we does at those situtation, we simply don respond to them which i think we should not do. On any given day a matter of 5rs or 10rs is a very meagre money for us, we spend a lot of money that goes into unnecessary needs. Even i does that so why this situation hasnt changed??
                 We take atleast a two hundred rupees when we go out to spend, so giving some ten rupees out of it, Is it a Big deal?? We can definintely give them a ten rupees, as ten rupees means a lot to them than to us. So friend try giving them atleasst some money or at the maximum give them an answer. They aren’t someone who doesnt belong to our species, so respect them by giving them an answer. Its just something for which we need not spend too much money. So after that incident we started from that place. Oh wait!! what did we give to that old man? Unfortunate situation was that two of us didnt have purse that time and other two were out of change. SO the least we gave to him was a proper answer, infact an answer which would have made him bery happy, ” Look for your photo in THINA THANthi tomorrow” Ah!! the most funniest reply i heard from my friend.
             We proceeded our journey next to kalpakkam Dutch fortress which went really well and after that we returned home. The best thing about this Sunday was, I thought it was just us who woke up this early and went to do our favourite work but to my surprise there were few other photographers who were there all ready and there was a group of middle aged person in their Royal Bullets for a Fun ride along the ECR with their gear and group of Rich class of youngsters who were in their Imported Sports Bike driving crazy. The fun part was there was a cycling event which happened and out of all participants we waited to ask about to young women, so we slowed down near a women first but to my bad luck it was a married woman. BIG BUN of the Day !! So the day still progress and it was an exciting day all together.

Manigandan Siva



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