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Heyya All!!

We always think why some fellow humans jump too much for such a small thing. Wondering why there is date as a Title of a Blog? does this weird fellow doesn’t know what to do, No this date is one of the very significant day so far for me this year. Let me begin with what all happened today that made me write a blog after a long time. I don’t know how so many things that i have loved to do or loved to happen happened today. Of course, it is not the biggest of things like Winning the World cup after 27 years or getting an Olympic Gold medal or getting placed in Exxon Mobil, World most Profitable company last year. It s just some small things which i had always thought must do before i leave this place. Each man will have some ambitions in life and will go towards it, and there are always some people who like me doesn’t know what to do and travel in the way others guide us. But we do have some little little things that we should do.

I always had thought of going to Le Royal Meridian in my life, because ever since i was a kid, i occasionally go to Guindy and always see that big hotel. (Paa!! 5 star hotel idukulla oru dirava atleast poi aaganum). Luckily my company created the chance, “we have an event which will take place in LE meridien” said my colleague. I immediately jumped on hearing it but in the beggining i was not part of the team that is going to invite guest to that event. So my chances of going to that place was Zero Percent. After two days, as the event was getting nearer they needed my assistance and i was now part of the team. But still the chances of me going to that event was only 10% as there were people who was in that project. Now it is the day before the event and we were working like Crazy Workaholics. It was 6 o Clock in the evenin and that was the time for us to leave the office, and I got a call from my team leader saying that MY SERVICE was required at LE MERIDIEN. They are in need of  a PHOTOGRAPHER. Wow!! thats sounded good and I immediately nodded, after all who will miss the chance of going to Meridien officially.Today, the big day and i was instructed to wear formal dress and shoes and i followed it. As usual i was told to come at 8 30 and i went to the hotel at 8 45 AM, i was close enough na?? Now I am inside MERIDIEN, Yayy!! am inside it and it is happening ya. Le meridien was definitely not how i expected, as it is not one of the this generation hotel. But was Really good and you know what i was allowed to roam inside as i am the photographer and i was in the organising commitee, what more i can expect than this?

Secondly i was given the responsibility to cover the event, and yea am the only PHOTOGRAPHER there, that gave me even more confidence to take good pictures. Best part of it is the first photo i took today is that of a delegate who yawned, right away it is a THAT MOMENT picture. Sorry gentlemen !! :P. There was a Speaker in that conference who came to me and requested to click him a shot and give it to him as he needs a picture to put in his Company magazine. So my small dream of Magazine publishing happened, ofcourse it is a not  a FORBES or TIMES, but a magazine and i loved it very much. 
” IT IS ALWAYS A SMALL PLANT BEFORE IT BECOMES A TREE”, thats the way to see a thing. This small thing lit my day. 

Soon after the meet got over i met one interesting celebrity, TODADON TON TONTA BONTON TAIIIi!! Yea BIG BALAJI. One person i want to meet for a long time, man full of energy, he was that quick and his humour was spontaneous, the photo that my friend took, whoa!! No comments about it. Though a small things i wanted to meet this guy ever since i heard his first cross talk. Very happy moment that was.

Next thing, when i came home and switched on my laptop, first thing i do is log on to FB and check for the updates. Then go to a photography community where i have not been active and its a community of Pro Photographers. I always wanted my photo to be known there and my photo gets a lot of attention, it never happened. They conduct a Weekly thematic Competition and i participated for the very first time in that time. To my Luck my photo got selected and  I won that event and guess what my photo is adoring that community cover for a week. My photo got its credits and I got little attention in that group. My most happiest moment of the day and am happy. These small things made my day so happy and before i shared these with any one i did it with my very very close friend, inspite of being busy and all that she was able to give me time and heard it fully.

never miss them in life and never think that onli OSCARS and DOCTORATE gives the ultimate happiness, even meeting a person you want to see for a long time is a big thing. 

Manigandan Siva


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