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Its been a long time since i went out happily in the evening alone for shopping. After the hectic weekdays, worked on my bike after seeing a video on the net. So In-order to test it, combined the shopping plan with it and took my lady out. The video wasn’t that bad as it helped me repair my bike and it worked perfectly. 
So now the time is 4: 45 PM and I was driving as if i had done something really big on the bike. 
There i saw a lot of hoarding and the political party flags on both side of the road and from the hoarding I was able to figure out that the saint from Kanchipuram was about to come to the near by school and  as usual there was a lot of traffic on the narrow road where the procession was scheduled. Among the many things that i noticed on the road were a Cow and its Calf. The Cow had lost one of its leg and it was walking with much difficulty along with its Calf. I was helpless standing on the road and watched her suffer. The problem with people standing on the road, you may know” Continuous horns as if the road ahead is full free and this cow as i had said before was walking very slowly as it had lost its leg.
                   The little calf which accompanied her mother walked in the same phase of her’s and it walked behind the cow and was often resting on her mother( might be to check whether she was ok). The mother walked a few distance the calf stood by it and when the cow resumed the calf resumed too. It helped her mum and stood by her when she was suffering on the road. In the next few minutes the people on the road honked more and the cow jumped over and trying to run from the road crossed it with much difficulty and that gave me happiness and made me think,  the humans loses their patience very quickly that even during difficult times they put you in some state of tension even though there shouldn’t be one.. 
That’s not i was going to tell you people, the scene between the cow and the calf was truly inspiring and  if a Calf can protect and stand

by its parent at their difficult time WHY NOT WE?

Manigandan Siva.


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