Dont Give Up!!

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Its been a while since i put something on the blog and the reason being just as the same as my old blog I didn’t have anything interesting to share you all. But today I wanted to talk a little about this day. So now don’t ask me what did i achieve? I didn’t achieve anything big today but it was a great day at office. As the last day at work, I mean Saturday was a big disaster. I got a big bomb and my boss was all yelling at me for the past few day and I dont know why it all happened.

So two days of all bad feelings and i wasnt able to concentrate much on anything, I almost thought of quitting the job at once as I didnt have any necessity to work during this time. The reason being I have applied for universities, and this is the only time I need to wait for my admission. But still his words were so sharp that it affected me so much. Only because of close friend I was able to think something else and My sister who helped me so much in this time. My parents of course they stood by me. It is only during these rough patches you will get to know the people who really cares for you.

Things apart, today it was a big day as I was assigned a big task of researching about a new field which I dont know much about. But I took it as a challenge and did some work and when my boss appreciated me for the work I was all cloud nine. His words exactly were:” YOU DID A GOOD JOB”. The same boss who shouted at me for my previous work now praised me. I was all happy and I gained some momentum of his words and concentrated much and finished the day.

Moral of the story is WE NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN AND our life is totally unpredictable and humans are always unpredictable.

Manigandan Siva.