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suseum-news-paper Suseum – The Sustainability Museum is the worlds one of a kind Museum for Sustainability and was developed by me and my friend Manigandansiva. Initial idea was by our Director Mr.Narasimhan Santhanam ( EAI ),we out of interest took over that idea and worked on it, Before us the idea was given to few other people who were Bio-techs and other related sectors who were’nt interested in working on it. We from computer science and electronics background took the idea and worked on it and made it a big success.

Suseum is one stop for Sustainability – its all about Sustainable Lifestyle, Waste Management, Renewable Energy, Waste to value , Composting, Vertical Gardening and Square foot garden. In Chennai lot of people complain about space to have a garden, they live in apartments where they have limited space to have a garden. At Suseum we give every one a solution with what all they can do in a little space. Every individual plays a major part in Society, we tell you what all an individual can do in their homes and make it an Eco-friendly home. Be it Waste management, composting, Gardening we tell them in simple ways to practice at their homes. Kids are our main focus and we target them because its easy to shape their minds than the adults.

Suseum was press released on December

15th , 2013 Young world which went all over India and we had visitors from all over the globe. To name some T.L Shankar IAS, Kumar Deepak UNEP and few more .. This is an achievement for me and lot more coming on the way. Thanks for reading..