The Key to a Greener planet is in your hands

This famous one-liner acted as an eye-opener in creating this nature inspired essay. We all know that we live in a world surrounded by machine all around us and can be called the technological era. While these machines had been invented in order to reduce human work, it had created a lot of problem to the nature. Though these machines have its own pros and cons, from an environment point of view it has created a lot of problem to our mother nature and it is not in the hands of those machines to rectify it. It is his master the humans who knows exactly to rectify it as he is its ultimate creator.  So, it is in our hands on how we handle Mother Nature and create a better environment for us to sustain in this planet. The essay comprises of how to create a better environment and it is not about learning new techniques, it is about recollecting the basics that we learned during the phase of life.


Saving Energy:

Energy is the need of the hour, as more and more countries switch to conventional form of energy and involves in producing greener power. As the government tries to think for the future, we as citizens can do a lot of stuff pertaining to saving energy. The very basic fundamental thing of saving energy mantra is switching off anything that uses Electricity and unplugging the devices that we don’t use at all. Everybody around the world has so many electronic appliances that they don’t use at all, so the best thing that one can do over it is, switching off the appliances that are in standby. Lights, fan and Air-condition consume the most power in an house apart from the refrigerators and television which runs almost all the time in every house. There are various alternatives discovered by our fellow human beings which are still not known to many in this world. By using various energy efficiency appliances, we can save a lot of energy and when buying new products we can look for the Energy efficiency certificates in the product.

Saving Water:

Water is not the second best point but still it occupies the important position in the environment which separates our planet from rest of the celestial bodies in our universe. Though there are a lot of campaigns heavily targeted against save water, we often forget the things that consume a lot of water in our day to day life. These includes turning off the faucet between rinses during brushing and longer shower times. It has been predicted that a five minute shower could consume 20-30 gallons of water and flushing of toilets could result in using more water than is actually needed. There are various things that we can do to save water like, installing low – flow toilets, checking for the leaks in the pipeline, closing the faucet during the rinses and installing a nozzle between the pipeline and the shower nozzle. Taking these steps for conserving will result in better contribution to the environment by us.

Recycling and Conserving: 

This is a very famous line when it comes to modern era as more and more organization has started campaigning for recycling and reusing the products which are not degradable. Anything you use only a few times and throw away consumes resources only to spend centuries in a landfill.Buying water bottles during our field trips and other trips could result only in landfill and nothing else happens. Buying the plastic covers during our leisure shopping could just result in harming the Mother Nature as most plastic bags given by supermarkets are cheap non-degradable plastic. There are very simple solutions when it comes to recycling and conserving like taking a water bottle from your house always when you go out for field trips and taking a Fabric bag from home when you go for shopping. By this way you not only create a better environment but save a lot of money.
Apart from using degradable plastic we should use a lot of rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries. Batteries not only take up landfill space (they can’t be incinerated); they can leak acid into the Earth. Even then, only use the appliance when you must. If you have the choice, plug in the device instead of using batteries.

Sustainable Transportation:

The major thing that we must conserve in order to live for some more centuries is the fuel. Even energy can be created using renewable energy, but fuel cannot be. There are a lot of alternative fuels option but none have far more proved effective than the petrol or the diesel.  The best solution to a better sustainable transportation is Car-Pooling. The real meaning of car-pooling is not sharing the car for money; it is about how an individual plans his trip to his destination. There are only two different types of people in this world, the super-rich and the rich. Super rich often tends to make mistake of using a big car and only one person travels in it, this is not called richness it is called Selfish. If people think of a moment they will realize the fact that it is not that efficient to waste the valuable fuel for one person travelling. We should start using government transportation for our utility which will drastically reduce the mistakes committed by the super-rich of the country.
Go for hybrid cars which operate on part batteries and part fuel, we don’t have to wait for these things to start rolling on the road, it has already hit the markets and we have to use the best use of it if we think we need a better planet to live.

Ideas for Outdoor: 

This is one thing that has been in the news for a long time. There is lot of environmentalist who has spreading the news for planting more trees. The big problem when it comes to growing more trees is the maintenance part, nobody thinks about how they will maintain a plant when it is being planted. We happily say that we contributed to the environment by planting a tree but there is even more to it.

Using of chemical pesticides and insecticides results in fast growth of plants but eventually result in withering of plants and spoiling the ground resource. There are many other ways to protect these plants. Did you know that we can create our own compost right at homes and industries? The food waste and the vegetable waste that results in each kitchen can be used to create manure for plants and these things are purely natural.

The Mind:

Mind factor plays an important role in creating a better environment, out of all the points that have been listed above this is the main point that I would like to emphasize. It is very easy to write a lot of things but when it comes to practical there is only one bottle-neck that stops us, it is our mind. When we can all tune our mind to do things in a way we wanted it to, then there is no need for shouting slogans on the street and ask people to change. If we change our mind, the planet will automatically change and with this I conclude by saying

“The Key to a Greener planet is in your hands