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Renergy 2013.

As a part of my employment with Energy Alernatives, I was given the opportunity to market the stalls for the Prestigious RENERGY 2013 – a flagship event of Government of Tamilnadu, India. With my team I did an expectional job of generating a total revenue of 2.5 Crores and closed almost 2800 Sq.m. This is byfar the biggest Renewable Expo in India as it also included conference which got more than 2000 Delegates.

As an Individual I was able to market 1200 Square Meters. For more details and for the authentication


Highlights of RENERGY 2013 Exhibition

  1. Total of 230 companies
  2. The complete renewable energy and cleantech exhibition
  3. Special emphasis on solar – PV and thermal – as the TN state has the most ambitious solar policy in India
    Focus on companies providing unique and innovative solutions in all sectors
  4. Unique slots for product demonstrations and product launches