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There are many researchers in the world who has tried to replicate the sun’s light and eventually failed only by 400,000 miles. We are now in the era of technology and this new Italian Start up company called the CoeLux has invented a new technology by its name incorporating Nano technology and the power of conventional LED’s to replicate Sunlight. CoeLux fixtures use traditional LEDs, calibrated to the same wavelengths as the sun. However, accurately recreating sunlight also requires mimicking subtle variations caused by the atmosphere, which varies in thickness and composition depending upon where you are on earth. CoeLux uses a milimeters-thick layer of plastic, peppered with nanoparticles, that does essentially the same thing in your living room. CoeLux’s inventor, Professor Paolo Di Trapani hasn’t made any disclosures about how the nanotechnology works in practice, but an impressive list of peer-reviewed publications, industry awards, and testimonials from customers provide comfort that these devices actually work as advertised.

Though not much details have been disclosed about this yet to conquer technology , promises are that we may not start to think of digging deep into the earth’s atmosphere and create the feel of bringing sunlight to it.

It’s a high tech LED skylight that’s designed to provide “sunlight” for interior spaces cut off from the outdoors. One of the main ideas behind it is that to create realistic sunlight, you can’t just simulate the sun… you need to recreate the atmosphere as well.

The scientists who invented the light figured out how to use a thin coating of nanoparticles to accurately simulate sunlight through Earth’s atmosphere and the effect known asRayleigh scattering. It’s not just the color temperature thats the same — the quality of the light feels the same as well.

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