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Anything that happens in today’s world, will be known to all because of the social media, and this was the hottest soup that was sold last week “India’s Daughter” – Nirbhaya Rape Case. I was so curious to know what this documentary was all about that people talks because anything that BBC makes will have a big impact. It started with the an inspiring speech by Jyoti’s father (the Victim’s dad) and her tutor and mentor. The way she led his life and the struggle an average Indian family faces when they have to raise a Girl Child. It was all inspiring and motivational, how a girl does part time job, slept for just three four hours a day and still was able to complete her Medicine Course.

Then the accuse was interviewed and his views about the Indian women was a very ordinary, typical, Uneducated “Male Chauvinist” speech where he argued that Indian Culture was very heritage and young women should not leave her house after 18 30 hours with an unknown stranger. I was disappointed on learning about it, then they showed couple of Defense Lawyer for rape cases and those bastard’s view was also same which they said poetically in their own way. Then again it was the criminal saying about how the incident took place and how alcohol and fight changed their minds which resulted in a gory accident. Then it was all about the family of the criminals and their view points. Such innocent people who doesn’t know about what their son’s were doing in a big metropolitan Cities and then couple of footage’s of strike performed by the activists for it. It ended with the senior lawyer’s view on how these things could be rectified in the future.

The above was the story of that documentary which was banned by the Indian Government because it showed the downside of what happens in our country. The real motive of the criminals of the rape was famine and poverty that they faced during their childhood and when they saw an opportunity to live like the way they always dreamed about in those drought period, they used it. Now I just wanted to analyse what really runs in people mind, because in couple of the footage’s shown in the video they just think Men really think that their female counterparts are just for pleasure and some women holding placards that “THEY DON’T WANT MEN TO ADVICE THEM FOR THEIR DRESSING AND THAT MEN’S MINDSET SHOULD CHANGE”. I will agree to their plea, we don’t have the rights to say what kind of dress you wore BUT if you think that wearing sexy attire gives you happiness, wear it on a place where people mindset has changed completely, where they think that MEN AND WOMEN ARE NO DIFFERENT, because there are still some guys out there like those sick lawyers and old people who thinks that wearing wrong attire are the primary reason for rape.

If that was the case, why girls who lives in Villages get raped? Do they wear modern costumes too? That was a shit argument. I live in a city where everybody wears modern clothes, and no body give a damn about it., yeah even here we stare at them but nothing beyond it. That;s the very nature from our birth and no body can change it. Rape still happens in India in a huge number because people mind never change, if they see a girl walking alone at night in a lonely area, they tend to harass her someway or the other. Everything is in the mind of people and this will all stop only when people start to forget that women are weak and they are suited best for kitchen and household works.  I Hope at least for our next generation kids these thoughts shouldn’t arise and India will not be shown like this anymore.

Manigandan Siva.