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“We cannot have islands of excellence in a sea of slovenly indifference to standards.” – John W. Gardner

“Without a standard there is no logical basis for making a decision or taking action.”
– Joseph M. Juran

“Standardization should be optimistic: There is always room for improvement and a better future.”
– Shigeru Nakamura

“There can be no improvements where there are no standards.”
– Masaaki Imai

“Standards must be observed, but they are only the starting points for further improvements.”
– Shigeru Nakamura


Hello to my readers, welcome to my new series of posts related to what we call the Standards. If you are probably wondering about why I have put few quotes on top and who are these guys? Well even I dont know who these guys are, but they will for sure give you clue about what you get to read in these posts. Yes,  these posts will exclusively be about standards of communication and its part of one of the interesting courses that I have taken in my school called Regulations and standards of Wireless Communication and its given by Prof.mr.Dr.J.M.(Jan) Smits.  We all know about the products that we use very well be it the telephone, the cell phone, television , paper , spoon, plates etc. But do we know about the standards that they belong to? Do you know that  every product that we use in our day to day life are based on certain standards. A very good example to explain you about standards will  be about the paper standards. WE all kno

papersizesw that there are different types of sizes for paper namely the A4, A3,A2,A1,A0. But did we think about why they are so called like that, or why is A0 the biggest of paper sizes, and not the A8? . The answer for the above question is “Standard”. There are standards that govern papers too. ISO 216 specifies International standard Paper Sizes. 

The above is just an example on what are standards. But this series of blog posts will not talk about Papers, it’s going to talk about some technical Wireless standard which will be introduced in the subsequent posts. Watch out this space to know more about the standards and more interestingly what will be discussed here. The topic which i have chosen is pretty new and exciting topic in the field of Communications which will be beneficial to both the technology lovers as well as for all the newbs out there. Subscribe to my blogs for updates. 


Manigandan Siva.