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The month is February and the year is 2016. This time of the year when almost all the master students at my university got their project and sitting happily in their chairs working on their beloved thesis. I belong to the electrical engineering department where there we had to do mandatory two internship. I was done with my internships at the beginning of January and with my exams at the end of that month. It is at this point, where i contacted my supervisor for my graduation project.

Every supervisor plays a very important role in a project and this person who i chose as my supervisor was one of the best in the field that i was interested in. His main focus was on antenna design and working on a frequency band which is for the future. Right from my internship days, we spoke about working more with this frequency band and hence i chose him as my supervisor. We started discussing about the graduation project and i was firm on doing my project in a company and infact his suggestion was also the same. As i had the sufficient grades to pursue my project in a company, i stood on that decision.

It was almost after a month’s wait, that we found a project at TNO , Den hague. This project was a very interesting one but it was more with smart grids and communication. I didn’t have enough background knowledge on that particular project, hence i was rejected by the company and soon i realized the reason was because i didn’t have sufficient knowledge and the manger felt it would be difficult for me to understand things in that project.

Then the next one month was a very dry period where i almost gave up my thoughts on doing my project with the company, because of the peer pressure factor and thinking that am wasting my time. But soon i sat down and made the odds, then realized that, after certain year in life my peers are not going to shape my career and it is just me who has to shape my career. Hence i motivated my self to wait for some more time to do my graduation project in a company.

There are many reason of doing your project in a company. First you get the experience of working in a company and adapt its way of working , second you are bound to work daily in an environment where there are people who work their arse off , third you get money for your work, which means you have to give results that should be top notch and not a satisfactory level. Hence it is better to do your project in a company.


After that one month period , got an interview call from TNO, helmond. This is ofcourse because of my supervisor who had good contacts there and the interview went well where i explained my idea of approaching this project. They were satisfied with it, i suppose and hence i got my project to work on. It always feels nice to reach that line where you wanted to start your race , though there are a lot of hurdles to cross to reach to that line.

The biggest thing that one can learn from this is that, no matter what have a GOAL , have a POSITIVE MINDSET , have PATIENCE and then there is nothing that can stop YOU. BELIEVE IN YOUR ABILITIES.