Establishing Radio Contacts at 60 GHz for Truck Platooning

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This was my final graduation project which I carried out at TNO Automotive at Helmond, Netherlands.


This thesis studies the channel propagation characteristics of 60 GHz communication band to use as a secondary redundant link for Truck Platooning. Truck Platooning uses ITS-G5 as the main communication link. Extensive measurements are taken in indoor and outdoor environments to analyze the channel characteristics for various channel configurations. Channel parameters retrieved from measurements are presented and the performance of the communication channel is evaluated. Line-of-sight (LOS) and non-LOS (NLOS) scenarios on the lines of vehicular communication are considered. It is observed that multipath doesn’t affect the communication much in the environment where there are metallic objects. In addition, asphalt road helps in the propagation of signals thus better communication can be expected. This allows for exploration on alternative antenna placements.