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So  I was browsing some technology stuff on the internet. Specifically reading this one article titled ”

The Moon is Now a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Seeing such a flashy title, a communication enthusiast will never turn it down. So I read this great new discovery that the moon could potentially let the astronomers on moon stream netflix when they feel like.  But not what this post is about, when you read articles or if you watch your favorite youtube video there is a big long comments section in the bottom. If you do not know, those are the sections which are filled by the so-called “jobless” but not on a science article. This interesting article had the following first comment, and I bet this will be one of the nerdiest conversation you read recently. It starts like a simple comment but wait till it blows your mind off.  Enjoy!

So, let me get this straight.
We can now provide wi-fi to no one on the moon, but we cannot provide low-cost broadband to everyone on the earth.

“Never underestimate your own stupidity.”–Albert Einstein.

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    That’s not how technological progress works.

    No one is spending large sums of money to build an infrastructure for internet on the moon. This was a small group of people who were up to the task of seeing if it was even possible. They succeeded.

    Nothing they are doing distracts or detracts from the goal of providing low-cost broadband to everyone. If anything, this could help further that cause, as some new tech developed for transmitting to the moon might be easily adapted to transmit across the Earth.

    So no, it is not stupidity at all. True stupidity would be dismissing any sort of scientific research or progress without immediately obvious applications.

    It is funny that you quoted Einstein, because he is the best example of this. In 1905, people like you criticized him for wasting time developing a theory with no practical applications instead of working on “real problems” like a cure for Polio. Afterall, general relativity was completely and utterly useless to everyday life… until we started building communication and GPS satellites. Modern telecommunications and positioning systems (and much more) would simply not have been possible if Einstein had not developed the theory of general relativity in 1905, well before it had any practical applications, well before anyone had even thought up the idea of telecommunication satellites.

    I don’t mean to make you a target tough, this is a very common misunderstanding about the nature of science and technological progress. I’m just hoping that you (and some others) who read this will come to understand that it has never been, and can never be so simple as “Let’s just focus on the problems we have first”. That’s a surefire way to stagnation.

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      Re-writing history, are we? And from all indications, from snippets of wrong information stored away, to be unleashed on an adoring audience which hangs on every word of your non-erudition.
      Two hard and fast examples of the drivel you spout:

      1. The General Theory of Relativity was polished and finished enough for Dr. Einstein to present it to the world in 1915, not in 1905, as you so authoritatively state..

      2. “… In 1905, people like you criticized him for wasting time developing a theory with no practical applications…”.
      Here, you are in possession of such valuable information that you REALLY need to contact anyone and everyone having anything to do Einstein’s history. Being such on an expert on Einstein, I’m certain that you are aware that the rest of the world believes–wrongly so, according to you–that Einstein toiled alone and in obscurity until, in 1905, he released to the scientific community four papers of such overarching genius that 1905 is referred to, in the scientific community, as ‘the annus mirabilis’ (I’m sure, that with ALL your knowledge, you don’t need to be told what the translation is).

      3. Your regaling us with your knowledge contains more mistakes, but I have a psychological predisposition against “…casting pearls before swine…”

      You really do need to publish your findings regarding Einstein’s social interactions with his peers.
      What other gems of knowledge can you share with us to correct our misunderstanding of the history of science?

      “Never underestimate your own ignorance.”–A. Einstein
      “He can compress the most amount of words into the smallest possible idea better than any man I know.”–Abraham Lincoln

      –A simpleton with only graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering, Physics, and a worker in Research. And one who really does appreciate the sentiments expressed in your last paragraph.

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        Ack! You got me!

        I will concede that I was entirely mistaken about 1905. I mixed up the years he published Special Relativity with General Relativity. But I don’t see how that oversight really detracts from the point I was trying to make…. especially since we seem to agree on my last paragraph.

        See you soon! Manigandan Siva.