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I have completed my master's in Electrical Engineering from TU, Eindhoven in March 2017.

My focus areas were RF and Semiconductors, Waves & Antennas, Photonics, Electro-Optic Devices, Signal Processing of Communication, Optical Communication, Electronic Circuits.

Graduation Thesis: "60 GHz Communication for Truck Platooning Applications". The client wanted to research on a new communication protocol which will increase the speed at which communication takes place, a reliability of communication. The thesis also involved in identifying how the presence of metal and human interaction will affect signal propagation at 60 GHz. Unfortunately, there was no availability of trucks during my testing stage, hence I carried out tests on trolleys which will create moving vehicle effect.

Also since my bachelors were also in Electronics and Communications, I was well aware of electronic circuitry, wireless communication protocols, and semiconductors.

  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and Latex.Simulation tools: PSpice Circuit Simulator, QUCS.
  • Development Environment: Matlab, Simulink, Labview, C.
  • Software: C++, Java (Academic Knowledge)
  • Hardware: Lab Equipments for Testing and Analysis.