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During my undergraduate studies, I was lucky enough to get campus placements and I got into HCL technologies which came as a second company. But I don’t have that much interest into the software side and don’t want to look at my career going into the IT corridor. I started exploring various jobs and decided to work in a Start up for sometime in the early phase of my career as there a lot of scope for experimenting various types of work.

Various Roles I did at Energy Alternatives India


It is in a start up where one can experiment a lot of things and again I was lucky enough to land up in Energy Alternatives India ( which is a start up as well looking for bigger things to happen. It is a company which was started as a research firm on algae and shifted focus on the renewable energy Sector. On the time of me joining the firm it was mainly focusing on organizing Renewable energy Event called the WIND POWER INDIA.It was a good show and my role was MARKETING SUPPORT EXECUTIVE. I didn’t have any knowledge on the marketing part but because of various training and motivational talks I had from my director Mr.Narasimhan Santhanam who is an expert in Sales and Marketing as well as in the Renewable energy Sector.

Then there was a couple of EPC meet which our company organised at grand hotels which were attended by the top business people in the renewable energy Sector. This gave me a lot of exposure to big people in the sector, interacting with them and gaining knowledge.

Details about my Renergy 2013 and Suseum is already mentioned in the webpages that I have put up in the website.